Library Rules

                                                                     LIBRARY   RULES

  • All  student  and  staff of  the school  are  members of  the   library.
  • Books   should   be  returned  by the end  of the  one  week  period, if  you  wish to  continue  to  keep  the book ,you  need to  renew  the book from  the library.
  • A   staff  member  can  borrow maximum  two  books  at  time  period  of  fifteen days.
  • Reference books, encyclopedias will not be issued to any member.
  • Books  not  returned  on  time   will incur  a  fine  of  rupees 20/-  for  each  day  of  delay  in  returning.
  • Books  that  are  damaged  or   lost  need  to  be  replaced  by  the  student.
  • Do   not   leave books  on the floor  or table. Put it back in the shelf  exactly  from  where   you have  picked  the  book  for reading.
  • Drink  and  food  are not allowed  in the  library.
  • A  ‘ no  dues  certificate  ‘ by  each student is  to  be  obtained  from the  librarian  while his/her  transfer/withdrawal  from  the school.
  • Strict  order  and  silence  shall  be  maintained  in the  library and  speak  softly  if  needed.